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About Our Club

Board of Directors:
Kathy Flowers (2016/2018)
Jane Neithercutt (2016/2018)
Pat Huntley (2016/2018)
Tamarah Mitchell (2017/2019)
Burt Flowers (2017/2019)

History of Our Club

Hobbs New Mexico Kennel Club was formed in early 1982. The charter members wanted to use the name "Lea County Kennel Club" but AKC felt that the name covered to wide an area, so the name of Hobbs was selected instead.
We are a non-profit corporation. None of the officers, directors or members are paid any compensation for the discharge of their duties.

Our Club Officers:
President - Allen Jackson
Vice President - Bill Staggs
Treasurer - Roy Moshier
Secretary - Karen Staggs